Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Disney Cruise Line - Copenhagen

Trying to give Disney Cruise Line some love.  My only problem is that I don't have a ton of particularly interesting pictures of the ships, but I do have some destination pictures.  I know most people want to see park pictures, but from time to time I'd like to post some destination shots as well.

The is a shot of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We were fortunate enough to visit Copenhagen twice, both times on Disney Cruises.  The most recent is the Summer of 2015 as the embarkation port for a trip that took us to Norway, Iceland, Scotland and Dover.  DCL has three cruises that depart from Copenhagen in 2017.  If you are fortunate enough to sail on one of those, stop by Nyhavn.  It's a beautiful location with lots of restaurants and a rich history including being the home of Hans Christian Andersen, author of "The Little Mermaid".

I actually have a couple "versions" of this scene.  One is a long exposure which I did to get a more silky smooth look to the water giving a more clear reflection.  For the shot above, I wanted to capture the contrast between some of the darker areas of the scene as well as the lighter areas in the sky.  For this I chose to do a 3 bracket HDR shot.

The normal exposure was set to aperture f/11 to get good focus throughout the image from front to back.  I shoot at ISO 100 whenever I can to minimise noise.  The camera set the shutter speed to 1/60 second for the proper exposure and adjusted the shutter speed for the two other exposures.  I also used a 28mm focal length (1.5x crop).  This is taken from a bridge between the two sides of Nyhavn.

Have fun capturing the magic of Disney.