Monday, October 31, 2016

Leave A Legacy at Epcot

Preserved for Posterity

Have you ever noticed all those plaques in front of Epcot.  This is the Leave a Legacy program that was part of the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration.  From the Fall of 1999 to about 2007, guests were able to leave their "likeness" etched on stainless steel tiles to commemorate their visit.

There are 30 granite megaliths in Leave a Legacy Plaza ranging from 3 to 19 feet and the heaviest one weighing 50,000 pounds.  Over 550,000 tiles were sold as part of the program and remain on display at Epcot in Leave a Legacy Plaza.  My wife and I have a tile there.

This shot was a 3 bracket HDR image taken with a tripod.  I probably could have done it handheld because there was plenty of light, but I had lots of time waiting for the monorail, so I used the tripod for extra stability.

The normal exposure was set to aperture f/8.0, 1/320 sec shutter speed, ISO 100 and 21mm focal length (1.5x crop).

Have fun capturing the magic of Disney.