Thursday, October 27, 2016

Be Our Guest at Beast's Castle

Disney at Night

In my last post, I talked about passing through the new castle walls to enter The Enchanted Forest.  Once inside the Enchanted Forest, there are so many trees that you might not even notice Maurice's Cottage on the left.  As you continue on, you come to the bridge that is the entrance to Beast's Castle where "Be Our Guest" restaurant it located.

This is where you get fully immersed in the Enchanted Forest experience.  Even at night, you'll notice the abundance of trees in this area. There is also a waterfall to the left of the bridge and a small river that runs under the bridge.  To get you fully immersed in the Enchanted Forest, Disney imagineers even play recorded bird song at the appropriate time of the day.  

As pictured, this shot is located on the left side of the bridge as you head toward Beast's Castle.  There is a wall there where placed my mini-tripod.  For those of you not following my blog, this picture was taken at the bridge in front of Beast's Castle in Fantasyland, in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

The camera settings were aperture f/8.0, with a 5.0 second shutter speed, ISO 100 and a 16mm focal length (1.5x crop).

Have fun capturing the magic of Disney.