Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Fisheye view of Spaceship Earth

Disney At Night

The geodesic sphere known as Spaceship Earth is one of the most recognized structures of any theme park.  Located in Epcot at Walt Disney World, the sphere houses an attraction of the same name which takes guests on a 15 minute ride to explore how communications evolved from the stone age to the modern age.  It is said that the 18-story tall structure is made up of over 11,500 triangles, but who really counted them!  One of the best things I like as a photographer is how light reflects off the sphere.  As you walk around you see different colors from every perspective.

Experimenting with a fisheye lens was fun because of the angle of the support "legs" of the structure and also having straight lines intersecting with a sphere make for an interesting composition.

To get this shot, if you walk into Epcot from the main entrance, go to the right of the sphere till you get to the first set of restrooms.  I took this picture standing just past the leg you see in the left side of the picture.

This was a long exposure so I used my mini-tripod.  The camera was set to aperture f/8.0, ISO100, with a 4 second shutter speed.

I really like the composition in this shot because both legs draw your eye to the sphere which is the main subject in this picture, but the angle of the legs add some interesting features as opposed to just a picture of a sphere in the center of the picture.

Have fun capturing the magic of Disney