Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fun with a Fisheye

Disney at Night

Have you ever walked up to Cinderella fountain and wondered why she is looking down and you can't see her face?  You wouldn't have that perspective if you were a small child.  When a small child walks up to the fountain to take a drink, when they look up, they see her smiling face.  And as an added bonus, if you look at just the right angle, the crown painted on the back wall of the fountain can appear to be sitting on her head.  You gotta love those details that Imagineers think about.

The location of this shot is on the right side (facing the fountain) of Cinderella Fountain which is located behind Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  To get this shot, I used a fisheye lens on my camera (Sony A6000) on my mini tripod set about 8-12 inches off the ground pointing toward the castle.  Don't be surprised how far into the corner you have to get to get this shot.  You can get very close with a fisheye lens and still get objects in the picture like the water flowing over the edge of the fountain.  In this shot, the water was about a foot from my lens.  Remember my post about clouds.  I love how the moon looked through the clouds in this shot.  For this shot, my camera was set to aperture f/8.0, ISO 200, and a 1.6 sec shutter speed.

If you don't have a fisheye lens and you want to get some completely different perspectives, try one out.  You might have a little fun with it.